Ing. Lukáš Čelovský, advisor


Lukáš is open and emphatic. His position at INFINIUM as advisor came out as obvious from his 11 years of experience in engineering and designing of various “Enviro” projects. Now he offers sales advisory services mainly in environmental projects and photovoltaic projects.

He gained skills as project manager in development and designing of environmental projects in Slovakia. Some projects included the development of medium and low voltage Trafo stations, also for Grid operator companies.

He took care about planning, engineering and development of environmental projects for Utility companies as well. He prepared various Water treatment plants projects. He was a part of the preparation team of the 20million EUR project of Fluid gasification of waste treatment sludge. During this experience he gained knowledge in management and recycling projects as well.

Lukáš prepares the Environmental impact assessment (EIA) documents.

He gained skills in suitable lands selection for investment projects, investment plans, and pre-project preparation management. He offers preparation of project documentation and arranging of building permits for investors.

Lukáš´s native language is Slovak. He is fluent in Czech and English. He understands the Russian language. He owns a Diploma of Technical University in Zvolen. He likes mountains.